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  • Ashford bird spiking installation made obtainable by Local Pest Control Ashford. We have experience in providing effectual bird spiking systems to a variety of customers in both the commercial and domestic sectors. If you are in need of some bird control support then please contact us and one of our expert bird control experts will help you with your bird control demands.

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  • If you're searching for a bird friendly bird control system then invest in bird spiking, a system that hinders bird roosting and landing on your premises by making your buildings terrain hard and unpleasant to land on. Utilising rounded metal spikes directed in all directions set in a plastic moulded base, bird spikes deter birds landing. There are several ways to fix the bird spikes devices to the establishment, we use glues or traditional nails and screws as appropriate. We have a variety of different spiking systems varying in shape and strength. Having installed countless bird spiking systems we have pest control technicians in Ashford on hand to support you on what's the best course to handle your bird control trouble.

    There are not many areas that bird spikes will not be totally effective on, we've installed these products to a range of properties like churches, hotels and eateries. Bird spikes deter gulls and pigeons entirely, they never actually touch the spiking products. The RSPB suggest that bird spikes are a recommended bird deterrent.

    Coastal towns as well as more urban environments can all employ bird spikes as bird deterrence systems with great results. The bird spike systems will disperse bird numbers in Ashford which stops them growing to be a annoyance about your premises.

    Bird spikes effectively counter problem bird behaviour from the second they are mounted, they're zero-maintenance and fully efficient. Keeping the outside appeal of your premises under consideration we carefully install the bird deterrence products in a way that they're inconspicuously and indistinctly installed.