• Flea Treatment Ashford

  • If you are having issues with a flea outbreak at your home or premises then please call now. Our technicians have been trained and are experienced in delivering complete care to our customers.

    Due to the fleas mass, their attacks are relatively minor in effect to us as humans however the scratching caused by the irritation can become embarrassing in more severe cases. More distressing than the bite alone is the flea's capacity to transfer a variety of conditions and infections like Typhus and Tapeworm, as well as its ability to transfer animal-specific conditions to domestic pets. An outbreak of fleas in a family house can effect all aspects of the home including children and house pets, resulting in detrimental health effects both physically and mentally.

  • Are fleas biting you and your pets in the Ashford area? Need a professional to deal with the flea problem?

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  • There are many options offered on the market for flea deterrence, although none of them are ever guaranteed to be 100% successful. Domestic pets expose a much greater possibility of a flea outbreak taking hold of a household due to animal behaviour and their fur supplying an ideal environment for the reproduction of fleas. People are also subject to the transportation of fleas as they will settle on an unaware host whilst feasible and will then establish themselves in the hosts residence when they return.

    The eggs of a flea are far tougher to find and eliminate than the fleas themselves. A deep clean of the home after a application is essential in the eradication of your flea problem, we shall work together through this procedure to guarantee our common goal is attained. Post deep clean we will examine the environment and should any further flea movement be noticeable we shall appoint a multi-phase treatment to remove the remaining eggs and larvae.

    The most effective way of completely eradicating your flea problem is to establish and attack the possible next generation; this is achieved using a fogger spray that inhibits any larvae achieving the age at which they can begin to recreate. In conjunction with the fogger spray we have a dust at our convenience that when utilised will dehydrate the fleas all through your house which will eliminate them as a pest and will be gathered next time you use the hoover for your cleaning. For efficient flea procedures you should not search for the problem but you must attempt to find the cause and act upon it. It's for this reason that we treat the fleas themselves but we also treat the following generation which offers you, a comprehensive flea in the house removal solution.

    For individuals that aren't experienced in the industry of flea pest control it can be very hard to determine whether you need the help of a professional flea removal service. That said, we shall provide all enquiries with a full flea application consultation designed to outline the severity of your flea problem and what we intend to do to correct it. It is significant to note that our treatment will work in conjunction with your own endeavours; our experts will guide you step-by-step through all the procedures of laundering and washing that you would usually perform, and then bundle that with their own expert supplies to confirm complete removal.