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    Cluster Flies

    You may have noticed gatherings of flies around your property in areas that you may not visit regularly. Our cluster fly pest control service is available for the treatment of these groups of flies and should be used when large numbers of flies are discovered. At Ashford Pest Control this a service that we can provide throughout the year. If you have discovered a cluster fly outbreak in your loft or perhaps an unused bedroom then call 01233 800277 for some free advice on your best route of action.

    Cluster flies do not pose any particular threat to humans or the food we consume however gatherings of flies will cause a nuisance whilst leaving detritus on many surfaces. Our homes offer the warm environment that cluster flies seek during the colder months as they attempt to hibernate. Entering our properties through small cracks and crevices they will establish their nest sites in areas that are quiet and they will remain undisturbed.

    Moth pest control

    The carpet moth, clothes moth and pantry moth are all native to England and are responsible for £000's of damage to people clothes, fabrics and food. As the name suggests the carpet moth and clothes moth will cause havoc with fabrics such as your clothes or carpets. Pantry moths will cause you many issues with your stored food products.

    On the rare occasion that you have been noticing damage such as holes to your clothes and carpets then its highly likely that you have fallen foul to carpet or clothes moths. To confirm what type of moths may be causing your problems can be done by taking a look at the damage; visual sighting are also a good indicator that moths are inside your home.

    Heat treatments for moths will get rid of moths from your property. Due their efficiency and rapid results, heat treatments for moths are now to go to solution for removing moths from your residence. If heat treatment is not a possibility for taking care of the moth infestation in your home then a longer treatment using chemicals is recommended.

    Cockroach Infestation

    Cockroaches are one of natures toughest insects and many do it yourself pest control methods for cockroaches will not be enough to take care of your problem. Cockroach infestations shouldn't be handled lightly and must be addressed by a professional pest controller that is trained and experienced with dealing with cockroach extermination techniques. Take good care in sealing your property to fully proof it from any new cockroaches gaining entry. Following treatment you must invest some time in assessing your property on how cockroaches have managed to survive and thrive there. Pay attention to food sources.

    Cockroach pest control is a fine art and should not be attempted by any untrained person as the results will be disappointing. Food gels, sticky traps and sprays are among our armoury in the defence of your property against cockroaches.

    Get rid of spiders from your premises

    As residents of the UK we are very lucky in that there are very few spiders that pose and real danger to us. You may have seen in the news that False widow spider number are increasing so its important to be aware of them and to know what to do should spider activity be found around your premises. Pest control for spiders is designed to remove the problem quickly to alleviate any concern that its causing to home owners and tenants.

    If there is regular spider activity that is causing you concern around your property then nesting spiders can be taken care of to put your mind at ease. Quickly attacking nesting sites and food sources is a sure fire way of removing spiders quickly and effectively. If you suspect that you have a false widow spider then one of our trained technicians can be with you within a couple of hours to take care of the problem in hand.