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  • Damage and Disease

    Mice have successfully adapted to all conditions, both urban and rural and have efficiently established themselves affecting a range of properties. Mice pose a danger to your residence as they chew wires, exposing the potential risk of fire through electricity short circuits. Mice also pose a number of contagious disease risks to the human occupants of homes in which they are living. Buildings of all styles and sizes are at risk from mice, who're willing to call anyplace home in which they're dry, warm and remain undiscovered.

  • Mice leave behind excrement, urine and hair strands where ever they walk and invariably contaminate household areas and food and water supplies. Occupants with small children should pay extra attention to mice behaviour as children are a lot more vulnerable to illness. Several diseases that mice are known to regularly carry include:

    • Tapeworms
    • Salmonella
    • Murine Typhus
    • Lymphocytic Chorio Meningitis
  • Elimination and reduction of mice

    Mice can be handled in many different techniques, each as effectual as the next. The control of your mice problem will be determined by the size of your mice infestation, some infestations will render traps ineffective therefore we'd use rodenticides as an example. The most effective control method for mice in smaller episodes is break back traps for their ease of use and efficiency. The indications of the mice activity will allow us to determine on what the optimum route is to take for swift and successful mice control.

    In the instance of traps not providing fast results, we will turn to rodenticides to humanely reduce mice activities quickly. The majority of our rodenticides are often based on second generation anticoagulants such as Flocoumafen, Difethialone and Brodifacoum. You'll find rigid controls around the use of these chemical compounds; application must be made by a qualified and trained mice exterminator.