• Rat Pest Control Ashford

  • Local Pest Control Ashford services Ashford and the surrounding areas. There are various industries such as residential clients, small businesses, schools and manufacturing buildings that may take advantage of our outstanding rat control service. Our pest control specialists take great pride in the procedure that they supply and work with yourself in providing a complete rat control & rodent control treatment despite size. To guarantee yourself the ideal rat extermination and rat control treatments, be sure to call Local Pest Control Ashford, we have experts available to support you on the the most suitable course of action.

  • Local Pest Control Ashford's premier Ashford rat control service

    1. Survey - Comprehensive reports provided following an examination of your premises.
    2. Rat control - Technicians will determine the best suited rat control practices after a study of your premises.
    3. Rat proofing - Information will be given on how to prevent additional rat control concerns at your location
    4. Rat control results - Our remedies guarantee that rat behaviour will stop if our proofing information has been adopted.
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  • Is Ashford rat control for you?

    • Grease smears - A rats greasy hair will leave grease marks along frequently used areas
    • Sightings - Rat movements around your recycling bins or entry points
    • Gnawed surfaces - Rats teeth constantly enlarge and must be shortened through gnawing hard types of surface
    • Rat droppings - Rat waste is a tell-tale sign you may have a rodent control concern
    • Bad smells - Rats have a distinct odour, particularly nest areas
  • Can I counter rodent activity?

    The pest control sector positively promotes deterrence is superior to cure; proof your Ashford property before rats make themselves comfortable. Rats like all living creatures need water, a food source and shelter which can come in several forms around your premises. Identify those three primary needs for rats to survive and decrease your offerings, ensuing in the reduction of the probability of a rodent problem. Establish access points or possibly places where rats will be able to nest and include the examining of the structural reliability of your property as this may be offering spots of entry. We suggest you use the expert eye of a pest control technician in the assessment of your premises.

    Having rectified any issues with your property extra rat control assistance may be needed from a pest control professional.

  • Rat control treatments

    Physical catching, lure equipment and the use of chemical compounds are among the methods of rat control our pest control experts utilise. Sticky boards may be applied if other control strategies are not suitable, our controllers will dispatch any rodents correctly and humanely. The rat control techniques that we use will be identified in the initial site review and can be altered through the course of treatment. Our pest control professionals will definitely handle all places needed around your property adopting the relevant techniques.

    The elimination of rat behaviour around your premises will be achieved using rat baits. Baiting can come in various forms. Rats are intelligent creatures and are diligent around new food supplies. Being mindful of this our Ashford pest controllers use baits that become effectual after a few days making sure that sufficient ingestion happens. the volume of baiting necessary can vary; our pest controllers will adjust as needed and will discard any rats during the treatment.

    Our technicians may employ the use of gassing techniques if during the site examination burrows were found on your property. The gassing of burrows will handle rat numbers dispatching them in a quick and humane manner. Fumigation treatments continue for a few days, once this period has ended a second fumigation treatment will be essential to make sure we have achieved a rat control free area.