• Wasp Nest Removal Ashford

  • Local Pest Control Ashford present a wasp nest removal service all year round, this includes specialist removal of both wasps and hornets in a safe as well as humane fashion. Considering the hazards that surround wasp nest removal we insist that all of our technicians are highly qualified and equipped for the wasp removal techniques. Our pest control consultants are fully insured and have become one of the Ashford's trustworthy wasp control services thanks to our professional and budget friendly business model. Please call 01233 800277 to discuss your wasp based worries and our friendly technicians can guide you.

  • Need a wasp nest removing in Ashford? Our wasp nest removal service is available year round!

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  • Emergency Wasp Nest Removal

    Thanks to years of experiences providing a superb wasp nest service there are not many instances of wasps nest invasions that our techniciancs have not experienced which has provided us the knowledge and abilities to deal with wasp nests swiftly and inconspicuously. Our solution doesnt stop at the removal of the wasps but we confirm that all residues of the wasp nest have been taken away following a successful treatment. We'll endeavour to ensure as we leave your location, we have fulfilled all of your expectations and left you in a safe environment free of wasps.

  • Can I leave a wasp nest unattended?

    Nests of all sizes and shapes are a possible hazard to humans as only several wasps pose a significant threat if irritated. With the summertime weather vanishing and the colder weather setting in, wasps will begin to die off as the temperature cools. Nested queens reproduce more queens which look for sanctuary close by, consequently the risk of wasps nesting develops around your home or premises. Nests will begin very small but as they build their growth is expidited as time proceeds. We have handled some nests that were larger than ourselves. Growing nests will eat and remove anything that prevents their passing of growth; in some severe cases constructive timbers have been damaged by wasp colonies. Structural destruction is a real worry for homeowners induced by nesting wasps.